Dried black nightshade 100g

1,200.00 CFA

Plant with many benefits used as a vegetable and having many virtues for health including the management of skin diseases.



Black nightshade is a plant with many benefits. Used as vegetables. In small quantities, nightshade has an analgesic effect (it soothes pain), sedative (it “puts” the central nervous system), antispasmodic (it prevents involuntary muscle contractions) and emollient (it softens the skin and makes it more elastic ). The nightshade is indicated for the treatment of abdominal pain, dysuria (difficulty to urinate), bladder spasm (bladder spasm) and whooping cough. It is widely used by dermatologists because it relieves the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, ulcers, abscesses, scabs, chapped skin and hemorrhoids. It is also used in gynecology in case of vaginismus, painful periods, white discharge (leucorrhea) or itching in sensitive areas (vulva).


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