Called to dock in the framework of the third-generation C2D (2018-2022), the Support Program for Agricultural and Agri-Food SMEs and the SME Promotion Agency (SMEPA) collaborate to facilitate the transfer of the assets of the SPAASME to the APME. The main focus of this collaboration, the harmonization of non-financial products whose catalog was solemnly presented Tuesday, May 15, 2018 in the presence of the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Crafts, Professor Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa.

Accompanied for the occasion by the Minister Delegate to the MINFI, the Ambassador of France in Cameroon and the Coordinator of the C2D, the Minister of MINPMEESA congratulated the National Coordinator of the SPAASME for the results obtained and marked his determination concerning the outcome of the process interlinking between the SPAASME and the SMEPA.

“We wanted that in the context of the PMEAA, a program that radically changes the way of managing agricultural problems in our regions, that this project can enter the SME Promotion Agency so that if it comes to an end, the activity continues. This is the first experience of its kind that allows the sustainability of project activities in the framework of a public or parapublic institution, “said MINPMEESA.

The Ambassador of France in Cameroon Gilles Thibault highlighted the contribution of France through the C2D: “We are in a device of sustainability of the support provided to agro-food SMEs: a governmental action and a cooperation action via the C2D has created a mechanism that will allow the government, when the C2D is over, to continue supporting these companies.

The guide presented jointly by the PMEAA Program and the APME is for Mr. Joseph Tchana, National Coordinator of the PMEAA, “the fruit of a cooperation and a frank collaboration between the SPAASME as Program and the SMEPA which must be the new receptacle of the SPAASMEafter its pilot phase which ends in 2018 “.

Based on the first results of financing agrifood SMEs obtained through the Program’s partnering MFIs, the SPAASME seized the opportunity of this ceremony to present letters of encouragement to the MFIs who granted credits to the agri-food SMEs benefiting from the support. from the program. In the same vein, documents were given to training and documentation centers dedicated to the rural world.