The PMEAA through Component 3: Support to BDS / OP, aims at two complementary objectives:

  • In the direction of BDS consultants / professionals
  • Then towards the SMEA

In this quest for excellence for both CAS and SMEA providers, the Program has developed the chèque service mechanism that aims to encourage SMEs to use the services of Expert Consultants able to meet their training and support needs. advice in agri-food techniques and management, thanks to a partial and degressive subsidy of the services of these Consultants; this mechanism allows the development of an offer of non-financial services to companies (BDS) adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as that of a new body of business: consultant contractors capable of providing these local services to SMEs.

For the first phase in 2017, 39 BDSs were trained in consulting, diagnostics and business plan editing. This training was spread over three weeks and SAEs approved, qualified and accredited by the SPAASME, were mobilized to achieve 77 SMEA / OP beneficiaries of service checks training and diagnosis of the business plan. This second phase of BDS training, far from being standard, incorporated the new training needs identified:

  • marketing / sales of non-financial products
  • the methodology of conducting business studies and consulting in business management
  • the methodology of writing and presenting professional documents
  • training in the quality process