SMEA / OP training in packaging and labeling techniques

The SPAASME Program initiated a training session for SMEs / POs in the Center’s Production Basin in packaging and labeling techniques.

BDS training: the second phase

The SPAASME Program has developed the chèque service mechanism that aims to encourage SMEs to use the services of Expert Consultants able to meet their training and support needs.

“Chèque service” mechanism: the SPAASME / SMEPA guide now available

Called to dock in the framework of the third-generation C2D (2018-2022), the Support Program for Agricultural and Agri-Food SMEs and the SME Promotion Agency (SMEPA) collaborate to facilitate the transfer of the assets of the SPAASME to the APME. The main focus of...

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SMEA beneficiaries of the Cheque Services

Trained Enterprise Development Services Providers

SMEA participation in 2018 SIAO

The SPAASME Program supports agrifood SMEs in production areas wishing to participate in the SIAO (International Handicrafts Fair of Ouagadougou) 2018. For more information, contact us on +237 690 12 53 47.

Guide to non-financial products for SMEs and BDSs

This catalog has five areas of training: Technical Management; Commercial management; The current management, an entire domain for business creation and another reserved for skills specific to the card.

Download the SPAASME / APME Guide to Non-Financial Services

Cheque Service Mechanism: contract documents for BDS, SMEA / OP, MFI

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Data sheets by sectors

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